Tilottama, a vibrant place filled with historical majestic beauty is located in Rupandehi district at the Eastern rim of  Lumbini,the birth place of Buddha which is renowned for its historical, social, economic, cultural and religious perspectives. It has developed as an important religious and commercial center located within the closest range from the proposed capital of Province i.e. Butwal. Tilottama Municipality was formed on May 8, 2014 in line with the Local Self-governance Act, 1999. On July 25, 2014; demarcation of the municipality was done along with the assignment of new wards. The original demarcation included six existing VDCs viz. Shankarnagar VDC, Aanandaban VDC, Karahiya VDC, Makrahar VDC, Tikuligadh VDC & Madhabaliya VDC. Gangoliya VDC was later merged in the municipality on 17 September 2015. Tilottama Municipality is named after the local river Tilottama. Whereas, the Tilottama River was named after an Apsara named Tilottama as described in Hindu mythology. “Tila” is the Sanskrit word for sesame seed or a bit and “uttama” means better or higher. Tilottama therefore means the being whose smallest particle is the finest or one who is composed of the finest and highest qualities. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Tilottama is described to have been created by the divine architect Vishwakarma, at Brahma’s request, by taking the best quality of everything as the ingredients. She was responsible for bringing about the mutual destruction of the demons: Sunda and Upasunda. Even gods like Shiva and Indra are described to be enamored of Tilottama. It is located at the south of Mahindra (East-West) highway. The proximity of this city from Kathmandu (265 km), Pokhara (165 km), Butwal (4 km), Birgunj (248 km), Hetauda (194 km), Bharatpur (122 km) and Lumbini (24 km) has augmented the importance of its advantageous geographical location. In addition to good road access, Tilottama has regular daily air services for Kathmandu, the capital of the country and Pokhara touristic city. Now the proposed Gautam Buddha International Airport,at a distance of 10 km from Tilottama is preparing for the initial launching of the domestic cum international flight services around the world. The population of Tilottama Municipality according to Tilottama Profile 2018 is now 123,836 with 25,503 household families. It is situated at an altitude of about 160m-175 meters from the sea level. The temperature ranges from 10° C to 40° C. The coolest Month is January and the hottest one is June. The average annual rainfall is 1500mm. Tilottama is the city of migrants. Almost all people, except some Indigenous groups are migrated from different parts of the country. The migration had taken its root after the 10 years long war and the growing trends in development. So due to migration from different parts of the country combination of varieties of castes and ethnic groups are found dwelling in the city.